Higher Education and Nonprofit Organizations

Despite its sales-oriented name, there are a surprising number of ways the robust, secure, scalable cloud-based Salesforce technology platform can be useful in your world.

Yellow Brick has helped many universities and nonprofit organizations build applications to further their missions using the Salesforce platform. Leveraging our firsthand experience, technical expertise, and proven methodology, we design and deliver custom solutions for higher education and nonprofit organizations. We speak your language, and translate your specific requirements into a Salesforce solution that streamlines your processes, strengthens your interactions, manages and engages your constituents, and accelerates your mission.

Technology that Supports Your Mission

Yellow Brick translates your specific needs into a cloud-based solution that taps into the transformational power of Salesforce. As a relationship and engagement platform, Salesforce facilitates information management and powers your interactions with knowledge for more meaningful connections across all of your constituent populations. Think of the possibilities:

Constituent Relationship Management

Understanding your constituents – prospects, students, alumni, donors, affiliates, staff – and how they interact with your institution enables you to connect, collaborate, and build better relationships. Yellow Brick leverages the flexibility and power of the Salesforce platform to help you stay connected to the people that matter to you.

Purpose-Built Database Systems

Cumbersome processes and tasks quickly can consume the limited resources of nonprofit organizations – and take valuable time away from delivering the programs and services that further your mission. Yellow Brick employs the strengths of the salesforce.com platform to design and deliver solutions that solve your most pressing challenges.

Yellow Brick delivers all of the benefits of cloud computing – including anywhere-anytime access, as-needed scalability, leading security and uptime, and always the latest version of the platform – with no costly capital investments.

We Work with People You Know

Yellow Brick works with higher education and nonprofit organizations that you know – with successful and highly referenceable outcomes. We can do the same for you.