Salesforce Adoption

The implementation of a technology solution isn’t quite the “finish line” of any project. A solution’s real value begins when end users actually use it. But solution adoption can be a bumpy road.

Yellow Brick’s methodology, business acumen, and specialized expertise in Salesforce technology and process design all are important aspects of how we add value – and how we ensure the ultimate goal of your solution’s acceptance by your end users.

Adoption Doesn’t Have To Be a Rough Road

Yellow Brick can increase your adoption of your Salesforce solution(s) in these scenarios:

A Yellow Brick-Developed Salesforce Solution

During the design and development of your Yellow Brick Salesforce solution, we collaborate closely with your users to define, prioritize, apply, and reiterate processes and requirements that are the basis for your solution. Once the solution is implemented, we follow up with detailed user training. Our approach includes both your stakeholders and your end users throughout our iterative process. Their ongoing input ensures that:

The end result? A more effective Salesforce solution that your users will embrace.

An Existing Salesforce Solution

Yellow Brick can improve the adoption of your existing Salesforce implementation – even if we didn’t work on it originally. There are several reasons why the adoption of an existing solution may be lagging, and several ways Yellow Brick can help:

A Clear Path to Success

Yellow Brick can ensure that your users are maximizing the full functionality of your Salesforce solution – regardless of who built it. From our collaborative approach to optimization to process design to custom training, Yellow Brick will ensure a rewarding Salesforce experience for your users.